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From the creators of the popular Candy Crash Saga, Pet Rescue Saga has arrived on Android. Colorful and appealing, the goal is to rescue kittens and other animals by clearing the display boxes.

282 levels and big, puppy dog eyes

Pet Rescue Saga has nearly 300 levels. Each level represents different animals, from dogs and cats, to rabbits, and even pigs.

While the game mechanics are very similar at all levels, the game does incorporate new elements and surprises as you progress, even from the very beginning.

The game utilizes a system of in-app purchases that you can disable if the free options are enough to keep you playing the game. 

Quick and addictive

The mechanics of the game are very simple. Like other games in the genre, you have to bring the animals to the bottom of the screen by destroying the colored boxes, grouping them together by color to make them disappear quicker. 

Colorful puzzles

Despite being a puzzle, Pet Rescue Saga takes pays particular attention to its colorful graphics. The movements are very fluid and it's a very quick game.

Like a cat to a cardboard box

Pet Rescue Saga is an addictive game that includes an ever-popular element: cats.

If you've already used the PC version or you like the idea of seeing nice pets on your screen, then Pet Rescue Saga is a recommended download.

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